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Judy has worked for 20 years within the event industry, Judy is in the store most days and is the go-to person for large scale events, weddings and corporate functions. Judy works with many clients on a daily basis, ranging from high end corporate clients to children in the store wanting one balloon. When not in store Judy loves taking a break away on a holiday!



Steph will be regularly seen on the shop floor, creating bouquets for all occasions. Steph is also part of our Event Crew so will be seen out onsite creating magical scenes for weddings and corporate events. When not in store Steph is ferrying her kids around from sport to sport!



Clint has spent a majority of the last 16 years in Balloon Worx, with a small stint away. Clint is now back in the store managing our Florist Shop and can regularly be found hand selecting the freshest flowers to create stunning arrangements. When not in store Clint can be found upstairs working in his other business, Hunter Print & Design.



Briley has recently joined the crew on a Saturday morning. Briley has an eye for detail and will always suggest what looks best! When not at work Briley can be found behind the microphone singing up a storm!



Lilly has recently transitioned into a full time Trainee Florist, an exciting step for both Lilly and us! Lilly has been working with us for many years and we look forward to seeing what she creates for you! When not in store Lilly loves taking care of her pets, and even walks and looks after other peoples pets



Cameron is one of the newest members of the Balloon Worx family, working weekends in the shop and helping deliver. Loves a good joke and always having a laugh, next time you are in on a Saturday say Hi to Cameron! When not at work Cam enjoys being out on his bike.